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General Questions for International Students of NCCU

Q1. Is there any latest news or statistics information about COVID-19 in Taiwan?

A1. Please click the link to the Central Epidemic Command Center, CECC:  

Q2. Does NCCU provide messages regarding prevention measures  or relevant news to International students?

A2. Please click the link to the platform of updated messages and information: . The following are the recently updated messages.  

●May 20: Info and Measures for Epidemic Prevention of NCCU 

●May 22: A Letter from President Kuo to the faculty, staff and students 

●May 22: A Student of the College of Social Sciences Was Confirmed of Infection; the University Has Disinfected all Related Campus Areas Immediately 

●May 23: Seeing a Second Case of Confirmed Infection, NCCU Continues to Strengthen Covid-19 Pandemic Prevention Measures 

●May 24: When You Receive Notice from the "Taiwan Social Distancing App"  

Q3. What are Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Support Contact?

A3. Please keep 5 key points in mind: 

●Stay Safe: wearing a mask and washing hands frequently

●Stay Calm: only 30 minutes a day of viewing pandemic coverage to avoid anxiety 

●Stay Healthy: eating healthy, sleeping well to boost up your immunity

●Stay in Touch: keeping in touch with friends and family when you need support 

●Stay Positive: With everyone’s best efforts and cooperation, we will beat COVID-19

The following are pandemic support you can reach by phone call: 

●CDC Consultation Hotline (24 / 7 free hotline): 1922

●NCCU Pandemic Support Hotline (9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. / Mon.-Fri.): 0905-056271

Source for the above messages: 


Q4. What should I know and do about the pandemic warning of Level-3 Alert?

A4. The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC), announced that in response to the recent surge in the number of local COVID-19 cases, it will raise its epidemic warning to Level 3 nationwide from May 19 to June 14; the public is urged to continue to abide by and cooperate with Level-3 epidemic prevention and control measures.

COVID-19 Level-3 Alert measures include:

●Wearing of masks at all times while outdoors

●Indoor gatherings limited to a maximum of five people

●All places of business and public venues are shuttered, with the exception of essential services, police departments, hospitals, and government institutions

●Masks and social distancing required at all businesses or venues that remain open

●In areas where community transmission has taken place, residents are restricted to a set perimeter and must submit to COVID-19 testing

Sources for the above messages: 



Q5. What are the measures taken by NCCU in response to the pandemic warning of Level-3 Alert (since May 19th)? 

A5. Please click the link provided by NCCU for information in detail relevant to the following comprehensive aspects: 

● Campus & Venues  

● Supplies (masks and rubbing alcohol)

● Graduation Ceremony

● Access Control 

● Academic Affairs

● Dormitory

● Physical & Mental Health Center

● International Students

● Library Operations

● Computer Center

● Guidelines for Restrictions of Level-3 Alert 

Q6. What should I do if I have been exposed to a confirmed COVID-19 case? What should I do if I am tested positive for COVID-19?

A6. If you have been exposed to a confirmed COVID-19 case or if you are tested positive for COVID-19, there are clear guidelines and procedure steps for you to follow. Please click the links provided by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CEDD) below:

● (English version)

● (Chinese version)      

International Exchange Students bound for NCCU

Q1. Will you cancel the face-to-face exchange program for the fall 2021? If so, will you offer a virtual exchange program/online courses?

A1. Due to the great uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are preparing a virtual exchange program, and the preliminary online course list will be published around mid-June. In case that we still have not received any updates on the border control policies for exchange students from the Ministry of Education (MOE), Taiwan by the end of June, we will cancel our face-to-face exchange program and conduct a formal survey on your willingness to participate in our virtual exchange program.


Q2. Can I know which courses will be offered virtually? 

A2. Once again, the online course list will be available around mid-June. The courses will most likely be from the disciplines of Commerce, Communication, International Affairs, Taiwanese History, and Mandarin.    

Q3. If I get COVID-19 vaccinated and could prove my vaccination status, would it be possible for me to enter Taiwan? If so, can I be exempted from a 14-day quarantine?

A3. Currently, only those who hold a valid ARC (Alien Resident Certificate) can enter Taiwan and they will have to present a negative COVID-19 test report upon arrival, and whether you get vaccinated or not bears no impact on your entry permission decision. 

Recently, all international students are required to undergo a 14-day quarantine at a designated hotel arranged by NCCU plus a 7-day self-health management. On the 14th day of the quarantine, students are also asked to conduct another COVID-19 test. If the result is negative, then they can continue with the self-health management. During these 21 days, students cannot enter the Campus.

Please note that all expenses will be on the students. Also, the border control policies may change anytime; hence, please do not make any travel plan until you receive further positive notice.

International Degree-Seeking Students of NCCU

Q1. I was recently accepted by NCCU. When can I apply for a student visa and fly to Taiwan? 

A1. The OIC (Office of International Cooperation) will conduct a survey among the new students in August to know who would like to fly to Taiwan this summer. Afterwards, we will assist you to apply for a student visa and tell you when to book flight tickets to Taiwan. Please don’t go to your local Taipei representative office and apply for a visa at this moment. 

Q2. Can I fly to Taiwan now? I want to adjust my life there in advance. 

A2. Since our government just announced that people without ARCs (Alien Resident Certificates) can't enter Taiwan. Your application to a student visa will be denied automatically. Please wait for the OIC’s (Office of International Cooperation) instructions before you leave your country for Taiwan. 

Q3. When can I accept my acceptance letter? 

A3. You can download the acceptance letter via the application website.  If you need a hard copy, please provide us with your name, phone number, zip code and address. We will send out the admission letter by post within 5 working days.  

Q4. Can I leave early and go home now when  all courses have gone online?

A4. Yes, you may continue your online courses whether you are back home or in Taiwan. Just make sure that your ARC (Alien Resident Certificate) is still valid at the time when you return for the new semester. 

Q5. I can’t have my documents verified in time for online registration, what shall I do? 

A5. Uploading the unverified documents for online registration will do. Just make sure you have all your documents verified before September and bring them along with you to Taiwan for enrollment. 

Q6. I have been vaccinated in my country, do I still need to be quarantined for 14 days after arriving in Taiwan? 

A6. Currently, everyone entering Taiwan from overseas needs to be quarantined whether vaccinated or not. 

Q7. Can I be quarantined in the NCCU dormitory or NCCU- iHouse? 

A7. No, you can’t. 

Q8. Will NCCU arrange for our quarantine accommodation? 

A8. NCCU will arrange quarantine hotels for new students to stay. Current students with valid ARC will need to arrange for their own quarantine accommodation. 

Q9. If I wish to suspend my study this semester and start again next semester, do I have to leave Taiwan? 

A9. It depends on when you send in the deferral request and when you wish to start again, please contact OIC for more details. 

Q10. If I want to study at National Chengchi University as an international degree/exchange student, how could I follow the most recent updates of NCCU? 

A10. You may refer to the official website of the Office of International Cooperation (OIC), NCCU at or you may visit the Facebook Page of the OIC at

Q11. If I have any question regarding my application and admission to NCCU, to whom I should email my queries? 

A11. You may find all the staff members of the OIC, together with their corresponding responsibilities and email addresses on the official website of the OIC at Please kindly address your queries to the person in charge of your concerns. Please kindly bear in mind that only the right contact person is able to answer your questions immediately. 

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