Academic Performance

Conference Papers江品慧*, 2019.07, 'Timing Competition of One-way Essential Complements, ' 20th Annual Meeting of the Association for Public Economic Theory, Association of Public Economic Theory.(*為通訊作者)CHIANG, PIIN-HUEIH
Conference PapersHsin-Hsien Wang*;Shinn-Shyr Wang;Wei-Feng Tzeng;Yi-Fen Niki Chiang, 2019.07, 'Between A Rock and A Hard Place:How Small and Medium Countries Respond to the Competing Great Powers in Asia-Pacific Region, ' An Asia-Pacific Response to the Changing US-China Relations, Institute of International Relations.(*為通訊作者)WANG, SHINN-SHYR
Journal PapersKuan-Jen Chen;Ching-Chong Lai*;Ting-Wei Lai, 2019.06, 'Business Cycle Fluctuations with the Division of Permanent and Temporary Employment, ' Economic Inquiry, Vol.57, No.4, pp.2082-2109.(SSCI, 科技部經濟學門A級期刊)(*為通訊作者)LAI, TING-WEI
Journal PapersCheng-wei Chang*;Ching-chong Lai;Ting-wei Lai, 2019.06, 'Fiscal Stimulus in a Simple Macroeconomic Model of Monopolistic Competition with Firm Heterogeneity, ' Japanese Economic Review, Vol.., No.., pp...(SSCI)(*為通訊作者)(本論著未刊登但已被接受)LAI, TING-WEI
Journal Papers陳樹衡;Francesco Di Iorio, 2019.05, 'On the Connection between Agent-based Simulation and Methodological Individualism, ' Social Science Information, Vol.58, No.2, pp.354-376.(SSCI)CHEN, SHU-HENG
Journal PapersHao-Chang Sung;Shirley J. Ho, 2019.04, 'Supply Chain Finance and Impacts of Consumers' Sustainability Awareness, ' North American Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol.., No.., pp.forthcoming.(SSCI)HO, SHIRLEY J.
Journal Papers李浩仲*;李文傑;連賢明;王平;簡錦漢, 2019.04, '哪類孩子最受教?從政大校務資料看學生表現, ' 經濟論文叢刊,.(TSSCI)(*為通訊作者)(本論著未刊登但已被接受)LI, HAO-CHUNG
Journal Papers李浩仲*;李文傑;連賢明;王平;簡錦漢, 2019.04, '哪類孩子最受教?從政大校務資料看學生表現, ' 經濟論文叢刊,.(TSSCI)(*為通訊作者)(本論著未刊登但已被接受)LEE, WEN-CHIEH
Journal PapersLi-Chen Chou*;Wan-Hao Zhang;Shinn-Shyr Wang, 2019.04, 'The Determinants of a Pornography Actress's Career Life, ' Economic Research, Vol.32, No.1, pp.454-472.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者)WANG, SHINN-SHYR
Journal Papers徐士勛*, 2019.03, '我國經濟成長率與其構成項目近十年在「定基法」衡量下的當季預測績效綜合評析, ' 臺灣經濟預測與政策, Vol.49, No.2, pp.85-119.(TSSCI)(*為通訊作者)HSU, SHIH-HSUN
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