Academic Performance

Research Report蕭代基, 1986, '核能發電之民意調查, '.SHAW, DAI-GEE
Book Edited蕭代基, 1985, 'Three Essays in the Economics of Recreation Demand, ' CHIER Economic Monograph Series;13, 中華經濟研究院.SHAW, DAI-GEE
Journal Papers許志義, 1984, 'An Integrated Energy Planning Model for Hawaii, '.HSU, JYH-YIH
Book Edited許志義, 1980, '台灣產業缺電成本之研究, ' 經濟叢書, 中華經濟研究院.HSU, JYH-YIH
Journal Papers蕭代基, '一般化內分層抽樣與估計方法, '.SHAW, DAI-GEE
Conference Papers蕭代基, '遊憩區之經營管理:經濟與行銷原則之應用, ' 發展國民旅遊研討會.SHAW, DAI-GEE
Conference Papers蕭代基, 'A Comparartive Study of Facility Siting Policies in Selected Countries, ' AERE Workshop on Natured Resource Market Mechanisms.SHAW, DAI-GEE
Conference Papers蕭代基, 'The Facility Siting Policy:An Answer to the Dilemma of Environmental Protection and Industrial Development in Taiwan, ' Joint Conference on the Industrial Policies of the ROK and ROC.SHAW, DAI-GEE
Conference Papers蕭代基, '無過失責任制與庇古稅制對環境資源配置效率之影響, ' 法律的經濟分析學術研討會.SHAW, DAI-GEE
Conference Papers蕭代基, '現階段水資源管理之困境及其解決方案:水權交易制度芻議, ' 河川環境與水源保護研討會.SHAW, DAI-GEE
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