Academic Performance

Conference Papers許志義, '溫室效應下台灣電力產業應有之對策, ' 環境保護與產業政策研討會.HSU, JYH-YIH
Conference Papers許志義, '台灣電力代輸之經濟分析, ' 中華民國能源經濟研討會.HSU, JYH-YIH
Conference Papers許志義, '台灣東部海洋溫差多目標利用之經濟分析, ' 海洋溫差多目標利用研討會.HSU, JYH-YIH
Journal Papers許志義, 'Reliability in Demand Options and Imputed Outage Costs:The Case of Taiwan, '.HSU, JYH-YIH
Book Chapters陳樹衡;Umberto Gostoli, 'Agent-Based Modeling of the El Farol Bar Problem, ' Simulation in Computational Finance and Economics: Tools and Emerging Applications, IGI Global.CHEN, SHU-HENG
Book Chapters陳樹衡;Michael Kampouridis;Edward Tsang, 'Market Microstructure: A Self-Organizing Map Approach to Investigate Behavior Dynamics under an Evolutionary Environment, '.CHEN, SHU-HENG
Book Chapters陳樹衡, 'Reasoning-Based Artificial Agents in Agent-Based Computational Economics, ' Handbook on Reasoning-based Intelligent Systems, World Scientific.CHEN, SHU-HENG
Book Edited陳樹衡;Dash Wu;David Olson, 'Information Sciences, a special issue on Business Intelligence in Risk Management, '.CHEN, SHU-HENG
Book Edited陳樹衡;Sai-Ping Lee, 'International Review of Financial Analysis, a special issue on Complexity and Non-Linearities in Financial Markets: Perspectives from Econophysics, '.CHEN, SHU-HENG
Research Report翁永和, '貿易政策與市場條件直接外人投資的影響:亞洲多國籍廠商直接投資美國本土製造業的實証分析, ' 國科會.WENG, YUNGHO
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