Academic Performance

Conference Papers蕭代基, 'From Free Markets to Controlled Markets, ' The 69th Annual Conference of Western Economic Association.SHAW, DAI-GEE
Conference Papers蕭代基, 'An Economic Framework for Analyzing Facility Siting Policies in Taiwan and Japan, ' The International Conference on Energy,Environment and the Economy:Asian Perspectives.SHAW, DAI-GEE
Conference Papers蕭代基, 'Pollution Control Policy Reform in Taiwan:Economic Incentive Programs, ' Keio University Conference of Environmental Economics.SHAW, DAI-GEE
Conference Papers蕭代基, '空氣污染防治費制度之檢討, ' 台灣環境的危機與生機研討會.SHAW, DAI-GEE
Conference Papers蕭代基;駱尚廉, '水污染防治費之制度規劃與執行策略, ' 全國水污染防治方案研討會.SHAW, DAI-GEE
Conference Papers蕭代基;李隆安, '空氣污染物之交互作用, ' 第三屆海峽兩岸環境保護學術研討會.SHAW, DAI-GEE
Conference Papers蕭代基;李隆安, '空氣污染對人體健康影響之交互作用, ' 第四屆海峽兩岸環境保護學術研討會.SHAW, DAI-GEE
Conference Papers許志義, '台灣電業自由化之問題與對策, ' 八十四年能源經濟學會年會.HSU, JYH-YIH
Conference Papers許志義, 'Electricity Policy in Taiwan:From Regulation to Deregulation, ' International Conference on Conversion and Technological Cooperation.HSU, JYH-YIH
Conference Papers許志義, 'The Restucturing of the Electric Power Industry in Taiwan, ' the 19th International Conference of the International Association for Economics.HSU, JYH-YIH
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