• Title:Please announce the university’s 2010 academic year dormitory fees
  • Post Date:2010-05-14

1. Implementing the 26th NCCU Dormitory Management Committee issued April 8 2010.

2. The 26th Residence Hall Oversight Committee Directive issued April 8, 2010
approves adjustments to dormitory fees. For details see the 2010 Academic Year Residence Hall Fee Schedule (attached).

3. Starting in the 2010 academic year, the NT$900/semester air conditioning
equipment fee will be incorporated in the dormitory fee; in addition, each student living in the residence halls will be required to pay a NT$1,000 dorm deposit, to be returned upon exit subject to relevant regulations.

4. The semester dormitory fee includes occupancy during the winter break. Summer break dormitory fees are calculated at one half of the regular fee, and must be paid separately.

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