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Date 2020-02-10

Reinforced Faculty:
We have been recruiting researchers and academicians from Academia Sinica and foreign professors to work as chair Professors, part-time professors, and jointly-recruited professors for the purpose of enhancing our Department's faculty as well as our research capacity and performance. For the furture we plan to recruit one or two new teachers per year in order to turn our Department into a domestic as well as international research center for the domain of economics.

Developing into an international department:
At the moment, the focus of our Department for the undergraduate studies is fundamental economic theories, supplemented with general education. The master's focuses simultaneously on theories and actual practice as a way to develop students' capacity of independent research. The doctoral studies focuses on developing the capacity of research and innovation with additional training on advanced theories of economics. For the future our plan is to become an international academic institution that focuses both on research and education.

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